Become the choice never the option

Unused but usable content A memorable customer experience  Right now you’re probably saying, “What the heck is unused but usable content?” Welp, my first response is to tell you to ask yourself, do you ever find yourself being redundant? Giving the same information everyone else in your industry is delivering? Eventually, making yourself sound roboticContinue reading “Become the choice never the option”

The Psychology of Marketing: How Colors Affect Buying Habits

I know your probably asking yourself, “what does she mean that color matters.” Well, we all know that psychology plays an enormous factor in branding, marketing and sales. A great marketer must understand the basic psychology of what drives consumers buying behaviors. Psychologist says that color has been known to have a powerful impact onContinue reading “The Psychology of Marketing: How Colors Affect Buying Habits”

Financial Advisor vs Accountant

Tips to Decide Which is Best For Your Business. At what stage of your business do you decide which is best for your business? I’ve helped many startups build their business and believe it or not this is nowhere in their business plan for success, some don’t even know the difference. Let’s go back to aContinue reading “Financial Advisor vs Accountant”