Financial Advisor vs Accountant

Tips to Decide Which is Best For Your Business. At what stage of your business do you decide which is best for your business? I’ve helped many startups build their business and believe it or not this is nowhere in their business plan for success, some don’t even know the difference. Let’s go back to aContinue reading “Financial Advisor vs Accountant”

The PSA of the title Marketing

The word “Marketing” has become such a colloquial for others that the unknowing really don’t understand the different parts of marketing and what it entails. I guess you can say I’ve become so bothered when I go on Instagram profiles and I see “Brand Management” when you clearly are just a “Promotor.” Or maybe IContinue reading “The PSA of the title Marketing”

Are you chasing money or the goal?

How much you want to bet at some point on your journey or career you got off track with your goals. We’ve all done it especially as entrepreneurs, the only thing is some recognize and get back on track and sadly some don’t. Fortunately, I was one of those that woke up, recognized and gotContinue reading “Are you chasing money or the goal?”

She Emerged From The Chrysalis

As you begin to get older you begin to appreciate life trials and understand the valuable lessons the universe is trying to teach you. Some learn at an early age and some learn later. As a kid, in second grade we studied caterpillars/butterflies and I became fascinated with its beauty. As I’m approaching fabulous 40,Continue reading “She Emerged From The Chrysalis”