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No Cookie-Cutter Organizational Culture

Organizational culture has been overlooked by many companies as an “Oops” method rather than implemented as a preventive method. Culture training should be emulated to reflect the mission and vision of your company then streamlined internally then externally. The goal is to increase brand loyalty internally and externally, increase client success, and develop a customer experience the will eliminate the “Oops Method.”

Focus Points:

  • Build brand identity
  • Increase loyalty among employees
  • Attract and retains talent
  • Makes advocates out of employees
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Inform Cultural Diversity

Are You Your Walking Billboard?

Are you effectively communicating your message clearly and increasing client success? What do others hear, see, and feel when they interact with you? Your personal brand imagery is just your aesthetic appearance but understanding how to clearly communicate your brand delivery of content helps to define your brand and grow your client success organically. Personalization equates to relatability, in a world full of options and access are you becoming the CHOICE vs THE OPTION?

This interactive workshop will leave your audience implementing daily practices that will:
  • Self discovery leads to self actulaization : Recognizing our subconscious behaviors is the beginning process of enhancing skills that will create the experience, build trust, and increase loyalty.
  • Understanding your brand: “as I always say branding is telling your story before the audience tells it for you, therefore, branding begins at inception.” Your tone is not just how you speak to someone but it’s the mood you give others when they interact with you and your brand. 
  • Create a personalization : Let’s develop the best methods and tools for your audience to connect with and influence their target audience. The goal is to create systems for measurable success.
  • How to communicate your online and offline brand identity: Are you using unused but usable content? Through interactive exercises we begin to focus on aligning a cohesive online presence on all platforms, develop an authentic presence for your brand through media training, sales pitching, video marketing presence, as well as build strong business partnerships. The goal is to make sure you have a strong presence on all platforms that work for you, as well as a strong presence offline on platforms and networking events that resonates with your brands tone and delivery.
  • The customer experience: Defining and the art of “StoryRelating” is developing that human to human connection and it enhances your delivery effectively in a way that communicates Sympathy vs Empathy plus Compassion and positions you as an authoritatively influencer on topics and within your industry.

Manifesting The Plan

Most successors biggest downfalls are procrastination or mental health. Often times we lose focus and lose purpose to later wonder… how? The power of your dreams starts within you. The power of your outcome starts with your mind and your tongue. We must speak positive light in the process of our actions and believe that we are the results we expect. Often times we focus on the goal and not the process forgetting that it is the accomplishments of the process which equates to success and we must congratulate ourselves with each accomplishment.

I always say, a great coach, coaches based off of experience, trials, and victories. Being one who’s been through many trials, setbacks, and victories I’ve designed a strategy that has been successful for myself and others that may be implemented in many daily processes. Developing a plan helps you to clearly define your goal, commit to your goals, and consistently walk into your greatness.

Attendees who attend this training often leave with a defined plan, outline and understanding to:

  • Be specific and define goals
  • Understand exercises that will help you eliminate procrastination
  • Evaluate and measure the process. Let’s measure and track the progress you will need to attain your goal.
  • Achieve attainable goals. We’ll focus on making sure your goal is not out of reach and reasonable enough to accomplish.
  • Be realistic with yourself. Recognize and know what you are capable of. Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs? Is each goal consistent with your other goals and fits your long-term plans?
  • Develop a timeline and deadlines that will establish a sense of urgency and time-management

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