My Manifestation Playbook

Yearly Daily Planner and Goal Setting Journal

My Manifestation Playbook


The power of your dreams starts within you. The power of your outcome starts with your mind and your tongue. We must speak positive light in the process of our actions and believe that we are the results we expect. My Manifestation Playbook is a daily planner and goal setting journal that was thoroughly crafted for those who are looking to develop business goals and personal goals, now available on Barnes & Noble.

Rome wasn’t built overnight and it took Steve Jobs two decades to become an overnight millionaire. The two common factors, they had a plan set in place and they were committed. The My Manifestation Playbook was written & developed by Kenyetta L Gordon a powerhouse marketing strategist, a single mother, but most importantly a domestic violence survivor. She didn’t allow homelessness or a near-death experience to hold her back, she created her playbook and now is sharing it with the world. Her goal is to inspire women who allowed life situations to cloud their goals, by igniting strength, fire, direction and affirming their dreams.

My goal is to help you clearly define your goals, commit to your goals and consistently walk into your greatness. We create vision boards with no with direct guidance on how to plan, commit and be consistent with the deliverables. I designed My Manifestation Playbook to not only guide you in the manifestation of your goals but to also motivate you with the understanding of affirmation.

The Personal Touch

  • Step-by-step guide & manifestations journals to understanding the strategy of setting and focusing on your goals. Along with exercises for believing in yourself and affirmations.
  • Understand how to recognize and eliminate unhealthy habits.
  • Step-by-step personal journal, pages of affirmations, and monthly vision boards
  • 12-month weekly, daily, monthly, and yearly planner. Track your monthly accomplishments & notes to self.

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