Become the choice never the option

Are you your walking billboard? I think the late great Kobe Bryant said it best, “The most important thing is- you must put everybody on notice that you’re here and you are for real.” Being a walking billboard is about making yourself the CHOICE and not the option. Living in an age where consumers now have full control over who they want to do business with and when they choose to do business, the main goal as professionals and business owners should be to continuously deliver:

  • Unused but usable content
  • A memorable customer experience 

Right now you’re probably saying, “What the heck is unused but usable content?” Welp, my first response is to tell you to ask yourself, do you ever find yourself being redundant? Giving the same information everyone else in your industry is delivering? Eventually, making yourself sound robotic to consumers places you in the category of being an option. Instead, take the time to remember the unusual questions a potential or current client has asked when they finally got to sit with you. It may be unusual to you and seems like common sense because you are the professional. But think about it, they’re asking you these questions because they haven’t been able to find the answer to their question anywhere else. If they are asking this particular question, think about how many others may have this same question in mind. Now guess what we’ve discovered…“unused but usable content.”  This is the beginning of making you the CHOICE and not just an option. 

Now the next stage is about connecting your subconscious behaviors with your conscious behaviors and recognizing what others hear, see, and feel when they interact with you, online and offline. We hear so often in marketing “the customer experience,” and “brand loyalty”. But what does that truly mean? Don’t turn the page just yet, I promise you I have some unused but usable content for you to inhale, lol.

I like to say that a memorable experience begins with being relatable. Although, as sales professionals, your main goal is to get the sale, you must remember that consumers have a world of options via their smartphones. So developing a personable and relatable experience is the key to making you that authoritative figure for their needs. 

So you’re probably yelling at the words saying “ok give us the next key to being relatable.” Ok, I won’t make you wait any longer. I like to call this method the simple sandwich method: SYMPATHY vs EMPATHY plus compassion. Yep, that’s it! It’s the simple sandwich method that puts you on the road to becoming the choice and not the option. As sales professionals, you have to remember sympathy only shows feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune. It shows compassion. But empathy puts you in the shoes of others and shows your ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy allows others to unguard themselves and become less offensive because you’ve made yourself human and relatable. You’ve shown them that they’re not just another dollar sign in your monthly sales goal.

No, I haven’t forgotten to tell you about the final ingredient, compassion. Compassion is how you seal the deal. It shows concern for the problem and tells them that you have a proven solution to their problem. Remember don’t just sell the product, sell the relatable experience. People want to do business with those they look like or those they want to be like. If you fully trust in your product or service, I’m sure you’ve experienced how it’s helped you in some way. Allow yourself to become transparent when building the relationship and become the choice, never the option. 

As I always say – “Brand loyalty is trust in the experience” – Kenyetta L. Gordon


Do I Really Have to Network…

How do I gain new clients? What do I say? Why do I need to network? How do I collaborate with others in my industry? Networking is scary… Those are just a few questions I get when others ask “how did you get over your fear of networking”

My answer- networking is all about understanding your 5 W’s (and How) of business and applying it to your 15-second networking introduction.

Yes, Yes, Yes! I used to be the biggest networking scary cat that needed the company of her girls, along with liquid courage, to attend networking events. Being an only child it’s always just been me and my imaginary sibling, lol. Don’t laugh but it’s so true. So when I decided to go on my glow up journey I decided to no longer wait on others and go solo in everything, including trips.

toast to networking

What Do I Do?

  • Join one network membership club and become heavily involved for at least one year. Do Not jump around, allow yourself time to embrace familiar people. Doing this will allow them to become your gateway to introduce you to others.
  • Heavily involved means attend as many networking events within your club monthly and making your business and yourself become known by other members. DON’T just sit around

Understand your 5 W’s:

  • Who- Are you or who is your business? Does your business cater to?
  • What- Do you do? Can you offer? Makes you different?
  • When- Do potential clients need you?
  • Where- Can others find you?
  • Why- Should someone/a business use your service?
  • How- You deliver your message matters

Entering into a discomfort zone is the first sign of growth. The only way to elevate is to allow yourself to be uncomfortable in situations. Conquering fears are like opening the next chapter in your book of life’s journeys.

Remember I only write about my life experiences. My journey allows for me to grow from them and guide others along their path.
“Walk Through Your Tunnel and Into Your Light.”


She Emerged From The Chrysalis

As you begin to get older you begin to appreciate life trials and understand the valuable lessons the universe is trying to teach you. Some learn at an early age and some learn later. As a kid, in second grade we studied caterpillars/butterflies and I became fascinated with its beauty. As I’m approaching fabulous 40, for some reason I’ve become even more fascinated with the lifecycle from caterpillar to butterfly and began to look at my life as the lifecycle of a butterfly. You see a butterfly goes through 4 phases of a lifecycle and when I look at my life going into 40 I’m in my 4th decade. Think about it 10 years makes a decade so 40 is my 4th decade.


If you’ve ever studied the metamorphosis of a butterfly you should understand the phases: egg, larva, pupa, adult… You see, Each stage has a different goal but the final stage goes from an not so nice looking caterpillar to this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFULLY COLORFUL BUTTERFLY.

If you understand the chrysalis stage you know that it is the final stage, the form a caterpillar takes before it emerges from its cocoon as a fully formed butterfly. So when I think of my past compared to this amazing year I’ve had, I began to realize that this was just the preparation God took me through. As I leave my 30’s I realize I am finally hatching from my chrysalis, 39 was the year of my cocoon and 40’s begin my butterfly stage. All the hell, tragedy, and trials I’ve been through in life has brought me to this amazing 4th decade in life.


So when you look at all of the obstacles and hurdles in life understand it’s your prepping season. Everyone’s time is not delivered at the same time, some may come at 25 others 40. The goal is to focus on you and where you’re at in life at that moment. Learn from every lesson at that moment and move forward and apply those lessons to the next. Your chrysalis stage is right around the corner. It’s the stage that will make you feel like your in a dream and you don’t want to wake up. It’s the stage that is telling you to run, grab the torch and full speed ahead by applying all the lessons you’ve learned and fly allowing everyone to see your beautiful colors. It’s your time to bask in your greatness!

I’m glad to be walking into this 4th decade of my lifecycle but unlike a butterfly, my 4th phase will last longer than a year… this is just the beginning. If I could fight through my trails so can you. Your 4th cycle is around the corner.

…. walking into 40 manifesting greatness 11/11 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!



The Successors Playbook

It is officially 2019 and we’ve all heard the slogans, “new year new me,” I’m leaving some things and people in 2018,” and all the new years resolutions. Truth be told, the reason the resolutions do not continue on past the first 2 weeks of the year is because it’s all talk until you actually write it down. You see, in order for you to manifest your aspirations you must not only acknowledge them but you must also begin to:

  • Write down your goals
  • Research what it will take to accomplish these goals
  • Write down each step
  • Create ideal start/end dates
  • Set timers/dates on your phone calendar and your personal journal

It took me realizing all of my setbacks and understanding what it would take in order to achieve personal and business growth. In 2017, I realized my biggest hurdle was myself and needing to always have someone to tag along for personal and business networking. So I made the decision to discover 2018 by myself, no plus one to anything… I can honestly say I committed to myself and I conquered my challenge. To see me now in public networking you’d think I was lying. You see, I recognized what was holding my business back from success and I stopped making excuses. I actually was the same with getting on camera for social media. So in 2018, I took control over my life and fears, wrote down what it would take to accomplish them, committed to 2 of my setbacks and I won! This was the best decision I ever made.

So as we continue on our journey of attaining our yearly goals, let’s remember it’s more than just putting it on a board and acknowledging what you want. It’s about actually taking the steps! Design your playbook; write it down, commit to the process and walk into your destiny! The dream is yours to attain!

The Psychology of Marketing: How Colors Affect Buying Habits

I know your probably asking yourself, “what does she mean that color matters.” Well, we all know that psychology plays an enormous factor in branding, marketing and sales. A great marketer must understand the basic psychology of what drives consumers buying behaviors. Psychologist says that color has been known to have a powerful impact on consumers buying behavior and decisions process. Studies have shown that 93% of buyers focus on the visual components and almost 85% claim color to have been their primary reason they were attracted to the purchase of an item. This is why first impressions are very important when branding your product or service. Remember making use of color when delivering your brand can make a positive or negative impression on the subconscious mind.

Think about the mood and image you want to convey to your audience when they first see your brands image, as well as your promo videos, and signage. Color is both emotional and practical, it affects how consumers feel when they look at your brand. But on a practical level, colors can help your brand stand out. Think about what attracted you to www.GordonBrandingGroup.com website when you first saw it. Ever wonder why I picked orange of all colors? Orange in business is said to mean: adventurous, risk-taking, vibrant, flamboyant, stimulating to the senses, affordable, warm, sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful, self-confident, independent, extroverted and uninhibited, creative flair, warm-hearted, agreeable and informal

Would you say you felt or thought any of this when you first came to our page or seen the logo? When sourcing a branding and marketing specialist you would expect for them to attribute the majority of these adjectives when representing your brand.

Tap into the power of color when you’re creating your logo, cards, flyers & promo videos, think of the target audience you’d like to attract. When someone pulls out a stack of business cards you want to imagine what would make your card stand out. Ask your self this, what is your target audience:
Age: a younger generation would be attracted to pastels & bright colors, Industry, and Gender. (see our guide to deeper understand)

Trust, these small factors matter! Let’s never forget that colors matter in your advertising and extremely important in video marketing. When creating your storyboard color should be a huge factor in the delivery message. From clothing to props to accent lighting, you want to be sure to never overpower your product with colors that do not compliment the product. Think of your product as the bride and everything else as the bridesmaids and guests, the bride should never be outshined or blend in with everything else. Your brand should always stand out and be memorable.

Financial Advisor vs Accountant

Tips to Decide Which is Best For Your Business.

At what stage of your business do you decide which is best for your business? I’ve helped many startups build their business and believe it or not this is nowhere in their business plan for success, some don’t even know the difference.

Let’s go back to a time when I suggested to a client that she needed to see an accountant or bookkeeper, to keep a record of the monthly business financial affairs. To my surprise, their response was, ” I don’t want anyone to tell me how to spend my money.” That’s when I realized that there is a terminology barrier to some that needed to be touched upon in order for my clients to truly become successful. Advisory and accountants are extremely important and it’s imperative to know the difference.

What exactly is an accountant or bookkeepers role in your business…

21aadf6a-fda8-451c-9185-11bfaaddc366I’m just going, to be frank with you, not everyone has the know how to manage their personal or business finances. I know we all think we have our own system of managing but when it comes to your business finances it’s best to leave it to the professionals to do it themselves or to educate yourself on the three basic financial reports: 1) income statements 2) balance sheet 3) cash flow statements.
The first question I ask clients when coaching them or consulting them is, “how much did your business make last month after operating expenses?” You know what the answer is….. Ahh, I think I made.Well, that answer isn’t good enough for me because as a business owner you shouldn’t think, you should know! As my mentor once told me, “If you ever get too busy to check your financials you don’t need to be in business anymore.”
Why is bookkeeping so important to startups:

  • Proper records keeping is required by law in case of audits
  • Bookkeeping keeps track of any information or documents needed to fulfill annual tax obligations to help the account help you to save money on your tax return and eliminate penalties.
  • It can give you a better knowledge of your monthly financial analysis & cash flow management.
  • Reporting to investors is easy
  • Proper records of your balance sheet and profit & loss allow you to know if the company is on the right track financially
  • The reports will help for your business to grow from startup phase to the mature stage of business.

Remember, it is important to outline the details of bookkeeping before the launch of your business because later may be too late. Bookkeeping can literally be your road to success and literally save you thousands of dollars or it can be your road to bankruptcy if not initiated from start.

Know The Difference

Your accountant’s goals are to reduce your tax liability and your financial planners’ goal is to increase your income. A financial planners main interest is to help plan your budget, savings, or investment strategy for wealth.  A good financial planner will understand their client’s financial needs and determine the best investments to help you reach your financial goals or help you to create a budget to eliminate debt and prepare for long-term financial planning such as retirements or school savings.
Do you need both? Well, my advice would be yes. Some accounts work as both and I would suggest that you find one that does both because he/she will understand your position financially. But if you decide to hire two separate, they must work together to understand your end goals. Please do not hire a seasonal tax preparation for your business filing needs, I’ve seen this scene one too many times. They are not properly trained to understand the needs of a business filing and far too many business owners end up in audits or owing when they should not have. Do your research, ask friends, or contact a CPA to properly protect your legacy.

But please file your taxes and keep accurate bookkeeping monthly!

Humility & Patience Is A…Shhh

If there is one thing that I have been forced to learn on this journey to entrepreneurship it’s patience and humility. Growing up as an only child I’ve always been accustomed to getting things when I wanted it and how I wanted it and I’m not going to lie, it made adulthood a bit hard. I remember one thing my mother told me, I think I may have been in my late 20’s or early 30’s, but it was “Kenyetta do you know what humility is.” I took it as an insult at the time and my pride to over, but now that I am XX years old, lol, I understand what she meant and why she asked me that.

“The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the right moment”

When I say this journey has allowed me to realize how much I have grown up and why out of all my ventures, I wasn’t granted this success path at an earlier age until now. I definitely didn’t have the patience that I have now. Sometimes I am wowed at how age matures you and I reminisce about young me vs mature me.

When starting a business you have to realize that with every step there is a process that we all must go through to accomplish the greater goal. If you continue to try and skip the path, you’re only going to find yourself starting back over again and again not ending up where could’ve been if you would’ve taken your time. The reason we must take these steps and walk the path is to be able to appreciate the bottom once you get to the top. This is where the good ole humility comes into play, lol. When you’re able to look back and smile and say I went through that for a reason now I’m making it my choice to never mess it up and do my best to continue to be great because “I did that.” It’s like a privileged kid that’s been given everything all of their life, they’ll never know how to appreciate things in life if they were never taught to actually go through the hardcore sweat to achieve it.

“Ego kills knowledge as knowledge requires learning, and learning requires humility”

I know you’re saying that’s easier said than done but I’ve walked the walk and I am still walking the walk. I cry, complain and contemplate on getting a job, but then I laugh at myself because lord knows I am not equipped to get up at 5:30 and sit in traffic to be at someone else’s business for 9 hrs. So take my advice be patient bask in the journey and enjoy the path, enjoy the tears, enjoy the struggles, I promise you, you are going to look back and those tears of fear and struggles will be tears of joy. Every time you cross a chapter finish line your going to look back and smile and say, I did it all for moments like this.

Tips that help me:

  • Watch the “Secret” (it’s on Netflix). It’s always a pick me up
  • When you’re going to bed find an affirmation on youtube, place your phone under your pillow as you sleep and allow it to play in your ear
  • Surround yourself with those that you want to be like, even if you think you don’t belong. Eventually, you’ll become them and begin doing business with those in your environment
  • Remember if you give up now you’ll regret it when you see someone else accomplish what was meant for you

Please leave a comment or email me at hello@kenyettagordon.com

The PSA of the title Marketing

The word “Marketing” has become such a colloquial for others that the unknowing really don’t understand the different parts of marketing and what it entails. I guess you can say I’ve become so bothered when I go on Instagram profiles and I see “Brand Management” when you clearly are just a “Promotor.” Or maybe I am just taking my passion a little too serious, I don’t know, lol.


Marketing can be such a versatile career choice, but to truly benefit from it you must understand all aspects of it to gain a true love and appreciation of its outcome. I met up with one of my old professors because he allowed me to pick his brain and the first thing he said before I could ask was, “people will never understand what we do.” That was a huge relief because it truly did frustrate me that others didn’t understand what all goes into being a great brand marketing consultant or what all I did on a daily bases.

As a Brand Marketing Manager, I am responsible for developing and executing marketing programs that increase brand identity and brand awareness of a company or product. My job is to be skillful in all areas of marketing so I may be able to implement strategies and assure that all marketing collaterals are executing in a cohesive marketing collateral. When I started my agency, I was a one-man shop. In my first year, I had 3 clients at one time and was the strategist, researcher, mentor/coach, publicist, web/graphic designer, creative director, content creator, business consultant and so much more. Now that’s a lot for one person you say, so true, but I had to be skillful in these areas in order to manage my clients brand and a collateral of teams that may be needed to accomplish brand awareness and ROI.

Someone In an area of marketing recently told me that marketing is all numbers, I knew then that there is a clear misunderstanding of marketing. Marketing is about research, strategy, psychology, and planning, the numbers are the results from understanding and planning the above. I say psychology because you must understand not only your client but their consumer’s way of thinking or buying habits. And with marketing growing and changing almost every other month along with changing generations you have to be able to keep up with what attracts a targeted audience, etc.

So it’s more than just putting a flyer together and bringing people in, it’s about keeping the audience attention, understanding your clients brand and the different revenue streams that your client may benefit from their skill along with the best routes to achieve those goals.

Role and Responsibilities of a Brand Marketing Manager

  1. Plan, strategies and execute marketing designs and activities to establish and maintain brand presence in the market
  2. Define business or product strategies and roadmaps that will enhance operational productivity and brand loyalty internally and externally.
  3. Research and determine product weaknesses and areas to be modified
  4. Develop sales tools and collateral’s
  5. Develop effective product positioning in the market
  6. Conduct competitive strategic analysis, consumer segmentation, and consumer insight development
  7. Develop a mid-term plan and financial analyses
  8. Brief and train sales personnel
  9. Launch and oversee advertising and media planning
  10. Coordinate activities of specialists involved in the brand positioning of the products
  11. Undertake package development strategies.

Let’s chat and develop a clear organizational culture within your company and employees, hello@kenyettagordon.com

Are you chasing money or the goal?

How much you want to bet at some point on your journey or career you got off track with your goals. We’ve all done it especially as entrepreneurs, the only thing is some recognize and get back on track and sadly some don’t. Fortunately, I was one of those that woke up, recognized and got back on track. I thank God that I have two amazing mentors that stay on me and after an unfortunate incident one of my mentors blatantly said: “this wouldn’t have happened if you were chasing your goals instead of the money.”

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love

I know you’re probably saying, I hear people say this all of the time but, I myself, have never really realized what it meant until recently, now I know. Often times, as entrepreneurs we get scared and start accepting clients and jobs that do not align with our business concepts and begin to blindly get thrown off track into what someone else perceives you or your business to be. It’s ok to be scared and take risks, but we must remember our vision, goals, and the purpose behind our passion that started our journey. If you are doing what you do just for the money you’ll be a fool and fall for anything blindly guiding yourself towards destruction.

Don’t make money your goal

The number one common mistake I’ve seen most entrepreneurs do is not have a concretely written milestone that will guide them so that they may not get off track. I know you say a business plan is too tedious and time-consuming, but I’d rather have a plan than just a dream. You see a dream is just a series of thoughts we play out in our heads. A plan is a detailed proposal of something you’re going to achieve and a goal is implemented intentions.

Instead pursue the things you love

If you don’t want to take the time to write out a business plan, do what I began to do, make yourself accountable and write quarterly milestones and make them visible for you to see daily. The first task I usually tell my coaching mentees is to buy bright colored sticky notes. Why you ask?… Well, what is the first thing your suppose to do every morning? Brush your teeth, correct? So the purpose of the sticky note is to write your quarterly goals and expectations on them and stick them in the center of your mirror so you may be reminded every day of your purpose and plan. If you see something daily your psych subconsciously begins a pattern of walking in that direction, it’s the law of attraction. You are able to attract into your life whatever you are focused on.

doing them so well

Another thing I began to do is I created my manifestation book. What is a manifestation book you ask? It’s a book I began to blueprint exactly what I wanted in my business and life, the type of clients I wanted to work with even down to the personality types, my specific monthly/yearly minimum, etc and I gave dates. If you have a specific client (person) in mind you’d like to work with… write it down, nothing is impossible if you believe! Yes, I even have trips that I plan on taking, with specific hotels written down. Now they may be way out of my price range, but because I believe it will happen, I never know how the universe will bring it to me, I just know it will happen.

that people can’t take their eyes off you” – the great Maya Angelou

With that being said, we begin to chase money when getting scared of the risks taken as entrepreneurs of not being able to sustain the necessary daily living needs that we lose sight of our goals. If you are serious about your vision write them down with specific instructions on how you plan to attain them, otherwise, you’ll begin to detour off the yellow brick road into someone else’s journey and wonder how you got there. It’s ok to be scared and take risks, no biography or how-to book has ever been written about a successful non-risk taker or someone that has not made mistakes or struggled. You’re going to make mistakes and fall, that’s the easy part, the hard part is how many times did you get back up, with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face, inhaled/exhaled, reread your plan and picked up where you left off.

Dream the impossible even if others think you’re not worth it or crazy, be the architect of your goals or career and create your blueprint… Stay on track!

Stay focused and if you need any words of encouragement please be sure to leave a comment or email me at hello@kenyettagordon.com.

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