My Manifestation Playbook

My Manifestation Playbook was developed to inspire women who allowed life situations to cloud their goals, by igniting strength, fire, direction and affirming their dreams. Rome wasn’t built overnight and it took Steve Jobs two decades to become an overnight millionaire. The two common factors, they had a plan set in place and they were committed.

My Manifestation Playbook helps you to define the strategy, set goals, commit to your goals and consistently walk into your greatness.

How I Can Help

No Cookie-Cutter Organizational Culture

No organization is the same, therefore, there’s no cookie-cutter to designing any company culture. Although some may call me the fixer, the goal is to implement brand culture training at inception as a preventive method and eliminate the “Oops Method.”

Are You Your Walking Billboard?

Are you effectively communicating your message clearly and increasing client success? What do others hear, see, and feel when they interact with you? In order to effectively communicate, we must first begin to evaluate our subconscious behaviors, understand the art of “storyRelating,” and how to convey a message that delivers Sympathy vs Empathy plus compassion.

The Customer Experience

Brand loyalty is trust in the experience. It’s about creating and delivering that human to human connection that makes you relatable. Studies show that a 5% increase in customer retention has the potential to increase your profit by 35-95% if there is trust in the experience.


What People Say

I attended Kenyetta Gordon’s training session, “Are You Your Walking Board” during one of the Atlanta Black Chamber meetings.  Ms. Gordon was very knowledgeable on the topic of branding and shared so many golden nuggets to help me view my brand holistically- from my presence, my company’s, and even from a customer perspective.   She went beyond the tools of branding and educated the audience on strategy (one key takeaway was that branding begins at inception) and execution.  Very informative!

Michelle Glover – CEO Journey Unlimited

I had two 1 hour sessions with Ms. Gordon. The advice, suggestions, understanding and knowledge I received from the 1 on 1 sessions was worth well beyond her cost. I left feeling inspired and motivated. I am looking forward to session #3. When you take action goals will manifest!

Daniel Fitch – Founder of Natural Leaders Media


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