The PSA of the title Marketing

The word “Marketing” has become such a colloquial for others that the unknowing really don’t understand the different parts of marketing and what it entails. I guess you can say I’ve become so bothered when I go on Instagram profiles and I see “Brand Management” when you clearly are just a “Promotor.” Or maybe I am just taking my passion a little too serious, I don’t know, lol.


Marketing can be such a versatile career choice, but to truly benefit from it you must understand all aspects of it to gain a true love and appreciation of its outcome. I met up with one of my old professors because he allowed me to pick his brain and the first thing he said before I could ask was, “people will never understand what we do.” That was a huge relief because it truly did frustrate me that others didn’t understand what all goes into being a great brand marketing consultant or what all I did on a daily bases.

As a Brand Marketing Manager, I am responsible for developing and executing marketing programs that increase brand identity and brand awareness of a company or product. My job is to be skillful in all areas of marketing so I may be able to implement strategies and assure that all marketing collaterals are executing in a cohesive marketing collateral. When I started my agency, I was a one-man shop. In my first year, I had 3 clients at one time and was the strategist, researcher, mentor/coach, publicist, web/graphic designer, creative director, content creator, business consultant and so much more. Now that’s a lot for one person you say, so true, but I had to be skillful in these areas in order to manage my clients brand and a collateral of teams that may be needed to accomplish brand awareness and ROI.

Someone In an area of marketing recently told me that marketing is all numbers, I knew then that there is a clear misunderstanding of marketing. Marketing is about research, strategy, psychology, and planning, the numbers are the results from understanding and planning the above. I say psychology because you must understand not only your client but their consumer’s way of thinking or buying habits. And with marketing growing and changing almost every other month along with changing generations you have to be able to keep up with what attracts a targeted audience, etc.

So it’s more than just putting a flyer together and bringing people in, it’s about keeping the audience attention, understanding your clients brand and the different revenue streams that your client may benefit from their skill along with the best routes to achieve those goals.

Role and Responsibilities of a Brand Marketing Manager

  1. Plan, strategies and execute marketing designs and activities to establish and maintain brand presence in the market
  2. Define business or product strategies and roadmaps that will enhance operational productivity and brand loyalty internally and externally.
  3. Research and determine product weaknesses and areas to be modified
  4. Develop sales tools and collateral’s
  5. Develop effective product positioning in the market
  6. Conduct competitive strategic analysis, consumer segmentation, and consumer insight development
  7. Develop a mid-term plan and financial analyses
  8. Brief and train sales personnel
  9. Launch and oversee advertising and media planning
  10. Coordinate activities of specialists involved in the brand positioning of the products
  11. Undertake package development strategies.

Let’s chat and develop a clear organizational culture within your company and employees,

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