Do I Really Have to Network…

How do I gain new clients? What do I say? Why do I need to network? How do I collaborate with others in my industry? Networking is scary… Those are just a few questions I get when others ask “how did you get over your fear of networking”

My answer- networking is all about understanding your 5 W’s (and How) of business and applying it to your 15-second networking introduction.

Yes, Yes, Yes! I used to be the biggest networking scary cat that needed the company of her girls, along with liquid courage, to attend networking events. Being an only child it’s always just been me and my imaginary sibling, lol. Don’t laugh but it’s so true. So when I decided to go on my glow up journey I decided to no longer wait on others and go solo in everything, including trips.

toast to networking

What Do I Do?

  • Join one network membership club and become heavily involved for at least one year. Do Not jump around, allow yourself time to embrace familiar people. Doing this will allow them to become your gateway to introduce you to others.
  • Heavily involved means attend as many networking events within your club monthly and making your business and yourself become known by other members. DON’T just sit around

Understand your 5 W’s:

  • Who- Are you or who is your business? Does your business cater to?
  • What- Do you do? Can you offer? Makes you different?
  • When- Do potential clients need you?
  • Where- Can others find you?
  • Why- Should someone/a business use your service?
  • How- You deliver your message matters

Entering into a discomfort zone is the first sign of growth. The only way to elevate is to allow yourself to be uncomfortable in situations. Conquering fears are like opening the next chapter in your book of life’s journeys.

Remember I only write about my life experiences. My journey allows for me to grow from them and guide others along their path.
“Walk Through Your Tunnel and Into Your Light.”

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